Frequently Asked Questions.

Take a look at some of the more frequently asked questions about Tolle.
Did you guys consider insurance?
Yes, we did! As a driver, you’re a contract worker and it is required you have your own vehicle insurance and suggested you have your own disability coverage. Tolle Inc. is not responsible for bodily injury or damaged items being moved. We connect people with trucks to people without trucks.

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What if someone steals my stuff?
Tolle will have a Support Team monitoring each move (live) through GPS which you, as a user, are able to see as well. When drivers sign up for Tolle they are required to have submitted valid vehicle insurance, drivers license, and have met a Tolle Representative in person. Tolle Inc. is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. We hope with our sign up process that we are able to reduce the probability of theft.
What if I hurt myself while moving?
When signing up as a driver with Tolle, you are a contract worker and are presumed to be in good shape to lift items in and out of your truck and have your own disability coverage. Tolle Inc. is not responsible for bodily injury.
How do I sign up to be a mover?
To sign up as a mover please consider the following:

  • I have my own truck
  • My truck has valid insurance
  • My driver’s license is valid
  • I’m prepared to complete a background check
  • I am in good shape to lift items in and out of my truck
  • I’m wanting to earn some extra money

You can download the Tolle Driver App in the Apple Store or Google Play for free. Submitting your driver’s license and insurance will only take a few minutes and approximately 48 hours for the Tolle Team to approve you. Please submit these items through the app, you will be able to take a photo of your insurance policy and driver’s license. From there, we will contact you to complete a background check and submit your payment forms.

How do movers get paid?
Movers get paid 75% of the total move fare and will be paid every Friday. You will submit your direct deposit form when signing up.
How much does the app cost?
The app is free to download.

Moves are calculated based on distance and include a 10-minute loading and unloading window.

How does pricing work?
Similar to on-demand taxi services, Tolle prices each move per kilometer and per minute. You will see the pricing upfront and confirm your items have been delivered to the correct address before you will be charged.
What if I can't help the mover?
If you are unable to help the mover lift items there is an option to order two movers. Your wait time may increase as paging two movers may conflict with existing moves. The rate will increase as well whether you use two trucks or just two movers.
Can I schedule in advance?
For the first 6 months, you can only schedule moves within 8am-8pm and within 1 week. This is for safety and for the on-demand service we wish to provide. Eventually, users will be able to schedule further in advance.
What can I move?
Tolle’s main focus is larger/bulkier items like a bed, bed frame, dressers, etc. but whatever you can fit into your mover’s truck goes! If you’re moving heavier items like fridges, stoves, and dishwashers, please select the 5-ton category with two movers.
Why not use a U-Haul?
We found the process for getting a U-Haul to be quite extensive and time-consuming. With Tolle, the order process is simple, fast, and efficient because you’ll have an extra hand while moving your items.
Why not use Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace?
Tolle background checks each driver to reduce the probability of theft. Our GPS is live, so you can watch and track your items right from your phone. Tolle’s pricing is upfront and secure so you can pay directly through the app for convenience.
How do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards and you can pay through the app. Cash will not be accepted as payment.

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