Our Pricing

Route is calculated by per km & per minute at $1.39 for each metric.

Pickup truck + one mover

= base fare fee of $39.99

5-ton truck + 2 movers

= base fare fee of $139.99

Additional Pricing Notes:

Upon signing up and completing a background check, drivers will enter in their bank account information for direct deposit. Drivers are paid weekly from Tolle and will receive 75% of every move completed.

Users agree to the pricing before the moving engagement is booked. If users cancel with less notice than 12 hours of a scheduled move, a penalty of 50% the base fare fee (of that category they’ve booked under) will be taken and paid to Tolle Inc.

See User & Driver Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy for further questions. Please feel free to Contact Us directly as well.

Note: Pay may be held if the customer is unsatisfied or has a dispute against the service provided. Drivers will be notified on a case-by-case basis.

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